Joanne Shields

Inspirational Business Women

In recent years, a whole host of inspirational business women have been providing role models for the next generation, and that can only be a good thing. Currently, the UK government is keen to help people to start their own businesses online. This is a great way to earn money from your skills and by doing things that you love, and it is very flexible as well. Let's take a look at some inspirational business women connected to the online world, and perhaps it will provide you with some inspiration for taking advantage of the UK government's current initiative.

Sheryl Sandberg, for instance, is one of the most powerful women in today's business sector. In 2014, aged just 45, she became the CEO of Facebook, one of the most profitable online businesses in the world. Sandberg's economic know how - she did a degree in the subject at Harvard - has certainly helped her rise through the ranks to become Chief Operating Officer. However, her success can also be credited to experience. She spend a lot of time at Google as Chief of Online Sales and Operations, which certainly provided her with plenty of hints and tips about how to run a successful online business. Find more about business women at Joanna Shields success stories.

Getting experience from a variety of companies is also something that Marissa Mayer has found useful. Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo, and before this she spent several years as an executive for Google. Her drive, experience, and business knowledge and skill ensured that she was the right choice for Yahoo. She has held her position at Yahoo since 2012, and in 2013 was ranked in the top ten most powerful business women in the world.

Sandberg and Mayer are just two particularly high powered examples of the millions of inspirational business women at work in the world today. Both of these women, however, started life in relatively low key roles. For example, after a degree in which she specialized in artificial intelligence (AI), Mayer joined Google back in 1999 when it was just a crazy start up that no one had ever heard of. She was only its 20th employee! She was also the company's first, and at the time only, female engineer. Working hard to help Google to success certainly helped to launch Mayer's stellar international career.

With the UK government more keen than it has ever been to help people to start business online, why not use the stories of inspirational business women like Mayer and Sandberg as a wakeup call to follow in their footsteps and start your own online company? Whether you want to be a freelancer working as a translator or a copywriter, or whether you have got together with a group of friends and are sure you have a bright idea that will set the world on fire and a business model to match, now is most certainly the time to act on those dreams. Who knows, work hard and play to your strengths, and you could be numbered among the world's most inspirational business women in a few years' time.